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Introducing “UniQredit”. A decentralized Blockchain Finance Platform.

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Highly Efficient

UniQredit in a low cost, highly efficient system for funds transfer and management. Take advantage of the platform in business and personal transactions.


UniQredit incorporates the latest advances of Bitcoin, combines and merges them with other emerging ideas to make complex financial transactions possible.

Advancing Development

UniQredit is always undergoing expansion, improvent and upgrading in 3 month cycles to ensure it is always at the cutting edge of FinTech. The developers is always on call to render assistance.

The Future of FinTech

UniQredit represents the future of blockchain based finance, allowing individual, companies and charities alike to interact in a clean and snae enviroment.

  • Universal Access

    UniQredit knows no borders, you can access it from anywhere in the world using even the most basic smart phone and a internet connection.

  • Elegant and User Centered

    UniQredit is designed with the user in mind and simplifies all operations ensuring users of all ages can easily perform any task they desire.

  • TechStrap

    The Platform has a custom bootstrap package under development which will allow service providers to easily set up their services , ranging from Lending to Micro-Banking in minutes.

responsive devices
responsive devices

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Supported Platforms : Android , Windows , iOS, MAC, UNIX

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P2P Lending

UniQredit is the first blockchain platform that allows users to lend/borrow fro each other. Entities that wish to specialize in lending can set up their nodes to be optimized for lending. The Server version is temporarily closed source and will be made available after the first cycle.

Other P2P Services

The development team is working on expansion of the P2P framework of UniQredit by designing a set of modules that will allow services such as Micro-Insurance, Micro-Banking and a host of other essential financial instruments that we have become acustomed to using in our daily lives.

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